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CANADA | Vital Benefits

Vital Benefits

Vital Benefits Inc. specializes in implementing innovative, customer-driven benefit solutions for corporations, independent professionals and individuals. We provide a long-term, big picture approach to benefits for you, your family and your employees. Our experienced team applies business and benefits knowledge and expertise to design tailored benefit programs. We assist organizations create an HR competitive advantage, and help individuals receive the foremost coverage while maintaining an effective financial strategy

Melanie Jeannotte, Managing Partner & CEO
T: (403)209-3817
F: (403)476-0909



The MontClair Group provides expert advice in the fields of risk management, general insurance and employee benefits, in both the national and international business market. We put personal service first, taking a pro-active approach which means that you as a customer can rely on MontClair’s help to keep your risks under control and your insurance portfolio up-to-date. We also operate in a straightforward manner with clear transparency; so that you always know exactly what you is paying pay for, and why.
Arnold A. Klapwijk, Director
T: +31 (0)35 52 86 125
F: +31 (0)35 52 86 121

IRELAND | Invesco


Invesco Limited is the leading independent, Irish-owned firm of employee benefit consultants. Founded in 1991, and currently employing 110 people, Invesco has offices in Dublin and Cork. We provide comprehensive benefits administration, actuarial and consultancy services to over 500 multinational and indigenous companies in Ireland.
Gary Morrissey, Head of Business Development
T: +343 1 294 7600
F: +353 1 294 7633

UNITED KINGDOM | Portsoken Consultancy Limited


We are a team of experienced professionals who are free to commit to our clients directly without the constraints faced by employees of large organizations. We work closely with clients to understand their businesses. Our independence allows us to view information and processes with a fresh eye producing valuable insight. We offer bespoke, flexible, cost-effective solutions for People: Benefits Strategy, Program Implementation, International Healthcare, Communications. Corporate Consultancy: Procurement, Change Management, and Project Management. Risk Management: Information Security, Compliance and Corporate Governance.

Michael Brown, Managing Director
T: +44 776 819 0058

GERMANY | Profion GmbH


Profion provides companies with authentic, competent and comprehensible consulting in all areas related to Employee Benefits. Besides an attractive base salary, innovative supplementary benefit packages also known as Employee Benefits, become more and more important in the recruiting and retention of highly skilled staff. Through our commitment, we lay the foundations for a sustainable personnel policy. Profion supports you in the design and funding of appropriate benefit plans for your employees – in Germany as well as internationally.

Munich, Germany
Juergen Kropp, Managing Partner
T: +49 89 388 372 63
F: +49 89 388 372 88


LATIN AMERICA: Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay | Alea


A different concept of risk management

ALEA is a broker specializing in risk management. Our difference lies in consulting services, providing a strategic approach to identify, quantify and systematically manage the potential impact of the critical risks of your business. We seek to contribute to the development of companies and individuals, providing expert and updated risk management with specific solutions for every need advice.

Mariana Bobalini


UNITED STATES (Employee Benefits) | Touchstone Consulting Group


Whether you have a handful of employees outside of your home country or established offices around the world, we can provide the centralized support and strategies you need.

Touchstone’s global benefits practice grew to support the diverse needs and growing demand for our clients’ international divisions and subsidiaries of employees located around the world. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for the diverse needs of our clients’ international employees by meeting the challenges of a changing benefit environment that is local and site-specific within each country.
Norman Minor, General Counsel and Director
T: (508)363-0400

UNITED STATES (Executive Compensation) | Wiegman Associates LLC


WA is an independent consulting firm providing Executive Compensation Consulting Services to senior management and boards of directors. We have only senior level consultants who average over thirty years of experience aligning executive compensation with company performance.

Geoffrey Wiegman, President
T: (713)960-7541

UNITED STATES (Worker’s Compensation) | Lynch Ryan, Inc.


Founded in 1984, Lynch, Ryan & Associates, Inc., is a management consulting company specializing in workers’ compensation cost control. The firm has consulted with insurance companies, large enterprise organizations and governmental agencies. The firm’s blog, Workers Comp Insider, was the first insurance blog in the world and has won best of the web six times. In 2012, the firm created and spun off Lynch Ryan Tech, LLC, the first workers’ compensation learning management system, which markets to insurance companies as well as
middle market and large employers throughout America.
Thomas Lynch
T: (781) 431-0458

UNITED STATES | Organizational Consulting Group


OCG is a compensation consultancy. We are comprised of a select group of professionals with significant experience and diversity. Our principals are located in Cleveland and Detroit. We thus employ a multi-office, one-firm structure. More importantly, we serve our clients on the basis of need, not merely location.

The keystone of our business philosophy is the provision of superior services to our clients. This principle is maintained by our individual and collective declaration to cherish and nurture our relationships by providing prompt, personal service.  We will continue to advance in response to our clients’ needs, and modify our capabilities to better serve our clients.
Alfred Candrilli, Partner
T: (440)934-5570