Total Client Focus

Our Holistic Approach to Program Analysis

Taking a customized and results-oriented approach, our consulting takes an in-depth look at all aspects of your employee benefits program. We develop employee benefit strategies and deliverables aligned with your program objectives and the larger goals of your organization – is your program compliant in all areas, cost effective, and how do you stack up to your competition? We look at it all, that’s our holistic approach.

We offer to new clients Total Client Focus a program that analyzes all four categories of your plan resulting in comprehensive solutions.

1. Design – The design of your plan is what employees appreciate most, and it has the greatest impact on your overall plan cost; a well-designed plan can reduce administrative complexity. Touchstone has the expertise necessary to ensure your plan design is cost-effective and delivers the value necessary to attract and retain employees.

2. Financing – Whether you run a business or a multiemployer fund, financial strategies are crucial to the success of your benefits plan. Our actuaries and consultants specialize in assuring that your programs:

  • Meet governmental and accounting requirements
  • Are tax-effective for both your organization and your employees
  • Are structured for both short and long-term success.

3. Administration – With ever increasing government rules and regulations, plan administration has become more and more complicated. We will provide the necessary level of support required to run your program smoothly and efficiently.

4. Communications – No matter how good your program is, without clear and engaging communications its value will be compromised. Whether in print or digitally delivered, with our help, your communications will be compliant and effective with the results you and your employees need.

Your “Total Client Focus” review will include a comparison of your benefits offerings and costs to your industry, region and business size. You will also receive a cost savings analysis if we find areas of inefficiencies. In short our review considers all areas of the plan as a related whole and will enable you to understand:

– where your program is now
– where your program should be in regards to cost, competition and strategy
– and what you need to do to get there

Our services are as varied as our clients are – we can do as much or as little as you need. Understanding that the importance of these areas varies from program to program, we’re comfortable working with each client and their teams in one or a variety or areas. However, we advise and recognize that only a solid foundation in all four categories assures the success of your entire benefits program.

See how Total Client Focus works:
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