Employee Communications

Now that you have a great benefit program designed – how do you reach, engage and motivate your employees to get involved?

How Do We Reach Them? 

Good communication is critical to any successful employee benefit program. When you invest considerable time and money in employee benefit plans, you need to know that your employees understand how the plan works and how valuable they are as part of a total compensation package. That’s where engaging communication comes in.

Our customized communication services are based on your plan goals and the larger goals of your company. Our services are as varied as our clients are – we can do as much or as little as you need in any area of employee communication

  • Develop Communication Strategy aligned with your companies objectives
  • Survey of employees
    • We need to understand and gauge the current level of understanding and surface any communication barriers that may exis
    • It’s important to recognize employee cultures and understand key audiences to address
    • Determine cultures and diverse populations within the company
  • Develop Key Messages
    • Reinforced messages that will appear in all communication pieces
  • Write and produce
    • Clear and simplified written communication pieces
    • In either (print, electronic, web-based or mobile) based on your company culture
  • Manage and Measure
    • Manage the progress and stay on time with budget and calendar
    • Measure your implementation with updates and spot surveys.