Wellness Program, Determining the Return on Investment



Our non-profit client is an affiliate sponsored by five large, multi-national corporations.
Our client’s wellness programs cover approximately 200,000 participants throughout the U.S.
Our goal for our client is to standardize the measurement of the ROI (Return on Investment) for a variety of healthcare wellness programs.

The Business Challenges

  1. Wellness programs have been touted as a “solution” for the rapid escalation of healthcare costs in this country
  2. Intuitively, it makes sense that a healthier workforce will lead to lower healthcare costs (and, perhaps, other employment costs)
  3. Wellness vendors are eager to provide clients with ROI calculations that “prove” the value of their programs
  4. Vendor ROI calculations are tainted with the potential for a conflict of interest
  5. Other organizations seek to calculate ROI, but without the scientific rigor and consistency that the topic demands
  6. Standardize wellness ROI methodology

The Touchstone Solution

  • Develop a methodology for calculating wellness ROI that will stand up to scientific scrutiny
  • Create a statistically significant data base that will produce credible results
  • Create a vehicle through which any plan sponsor can assess its own wellness plan and explore the efficacy of adding new wellness components


  • Maintenance of a significant, multi-year claims data base covering many types of wellness initiatives
  • Standardization of ROI methodology and calculation
  • Delivery of annual wellness ROI reports to member organizations
  • On-line wellness modeling software available to member plan sponsors
  • Proof of positive ROI for member wellness programs

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