These articles provide varying levels of detail on your responsibility to ensure that the summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) distributed for 2018 health plan enrollment meets the requirements of the revised ACA template.  Only 2 pages (replacing the 6-page template) this format should be easier for your employees to quickly comprehend.

  • ACA Compliance Bulletin: New SBC Template Required for 2018 Open Enrollment     #146409
  • Benefits Bulletin:     #146329
    • New SBC Template Required for 2018 Open Enrollment
  • Benefits Buzz, October 2017:     #146351
    • New SBC Template Required for 2018 Open Enrollment 



The 19th edition of the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust survey summarizes responses from more than 2,100 U.S. employers.  The survey data reflects 2017 health-related employer benefit coverages.

  • 2017 Annual Survey: Employer Health Benefits (220 pages)     #155899



The bulletin reviews the changes required in 2018 for the handling of claims for disability benefits.  The infographics provide poster-like images to help your employees distinguish between short-term and long-term disability insurance provisions.

  • Infographic: Understanding Short-Term Disability Insurance     #155014
  • Infographic: Long-Term Disability Insurance     #155108
  • Compliance Bulletin: New Rules for Disability Benefit Claims Take Effect in 2018     #146957



Here are a couple of important requirements to remember, in addition to those noted in other articles in this month’s newsletter:

  • Benefits Bulletin:     #146329
    • Medicare Part D Notices Due by October 14th.
    • ACA Mandate Penalties Still Effective



The first 3 articles provide information on recent court action that may cause the EEOC to revise its rules on wellness.  The later articles offer you some ideas for inserts to an employee newsletter or other communication.

  • Compliance Bulletin: Court Orders EEOC to Reconsider Wellness Rules     #155076
  • Benefits Bulletin:     #146329
    • Court Orders EEOC to Reconsider Wellness Rules
  • Benefits Buzz, October 2017:     #146351
    • Court Orders EEOC to Reconsider Wellness Rules
  • Live Well, Work Well Newsletter – October 2017     #146277
    • 10 Easy Halloween Safety Tips
    • Hidden Dangers at Your Child’s Bedtime
    • Have a Healthy Halloween
  • News Brief: 143 Million People Potentially Affected in Equifax Data Breach     #155265



This 40-page booklet provides guidance on COBRA requirements for plan sponsors, including eligibility, election, notices, and premiums.  This serves as a good source for those who answer questions regarding continuing coverage or who administer health benefits.  It can also be a good source for introducing the concept of COBRA to staff who are new to HR or health benefits positions.

  • COBRA Compliance Toolkit     #155703



A wide range of topics are covered in the articles presented below.  The HR Toolkit on Recruiting is a 30-page booklet.

  • HR Toolkit: Recruiting (30 pages)     #155835
  • HR Insights: Candidate Salary Requests     #155912
  • Compliance Overview: Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)     #155003
  • Infographic: DOL Violations Case Study     #154895
  • HR Insights: 5 Child Care Initiatives to Enhance Your Workplace     #155509
  • Voluntary Benefits Scorecard     #155915
  • Compliance Bulletin: Federal Court Strikes Down 2016 Overtime Rule     #155228
  • HR Brief: October 2017     #146374
    • DOL Overtime Rule Defeated for Good
    • Avoiding Disaster Relief Scams



The successive hits from hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria have left many businesses with questions about how they can best assist their employees whose personal lives and jobs were impacted by these disasters.  Guidance from the Department of Labor, as well as advice from experts in HR and safety and security are provided below.

  • Dept. of Labor: FAQs for Participants and Beneficiaries Following Hurricane Harvey     #155045
  • Compliance Overview: Employee Leave-sharing and Donation Programs     #146900
  • Live Well, Work Well – Health Care Concerns Following a Hurricane or Flood      #155007
  • Live Well, Work Well – Donating to Disasters and Avoiding Scams     #155017
  • HR Brief: Avoiding Disaster Relief Scams     #146374