Touchstone will keep you advised as to developments in federal government actions on employer-provided health care, insurance mandates, and the marketplace. As we await further developments on proposed changes, this bulletin will provide a better sense of what the Senators are now working from.

  • ACA Compliance Bulletin: Senate Releases Draft ACA Replacement Bill     #146408



No matter what changes will be made in your organization’s health plan over the coming months, it is important to support employees in their efforts live a healthier life.  The following provide ideas on topics ranging from stress relievers and diet tips to reminders of the cost benefits of urgent care facilities and the use of a flexible spending account.

  • InfoGraphic: 7 Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress     #152204
  • InfoGraphic: Cost Comparison: ER vs. Urgent Care     #151926
  • Know Your Benefits: The Importance of Establishing a Relationship with Your Doctor     #152306
  • Know Your Benefits: Advantages of an FSA     #152176
  • Eat Well, Live Well: Recipe Book (33 pages)     #151556
  • Live Well, Work Well: Botulism     #152322
  • Live Well, Work Well Newsletter – July 2017:     #146274
    • Do You Know Seizure First Aid?
    • Simple Summer Activities Your Kids are Sure to Love
    • Grilling Safety Reminders for Your Summer BBQ



There are only a few articles related to benefit plan compliance this month.  We hope that Congress will soon make it more clear on how to proceed with your plans!

  • ACA Overview: What if the Employer Mandate is Repealed?     #151707
  • Compliance Bulletin: Supreme Court Rules Church-Affiliated Plans are Exempt from ERISA #152287



This month brings a few updates for HR pros on recent changes in the Department of Labor’s  overtime rule, as well as it’s guidance on complying with certain regulations.

  • Compliance Bulletin: DOL Withdraws Joint Employment Guidance     #152179
  • Compliance Bulletin: DOL Withdraws Worker Classification Guidance     #152234
  • HR Insights: Youth Workers     #152522
  • Employee Work from Home Guide     #152572
  • HR Brief:     #146371
    • What You Need to Know: House Passes Changes to Overtime Rules
    • Do You Keep Your Employee Handbook Up to Date?
  • Benefits Buzz, July 2016:   #146342
    • What Happens if the ACA Employer Mandate is Repealed?
    • House Passes Changes to DOL Overtime Rule



Three new Excel spreadsheets for comparing Medicare costs (Iowa, Nebraska and North Carolina) as well as a full update on Louisiana Workers Compensation law.

  • Iowa Medicare Cost Comparison Tool     #151909
  • Louisiana Workers Compensation:
    • Claims Process     #151728
    • Employee Benefits     #151727
    • Employee Eligibility     #151730
    • Employer Penalties     #151729
    • Employer Responsibilities     #151726
  • Nebraska Medicare Cost Comparison Tool     #151913
  • North Carolina Medicare Cost Comparison Tool     #151603