Donating “human capital” to South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (SWNIC)

Worcester, MA December 20, 2012 – Touchstone Consulting Group (a global employee benefits consulting company headquartered in Worcester) has a unique way of giving back this holiday season.

“We’re donating the time and expertise of one of our top company executives, Denise Minor, to the South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation,” said Touchstone President, David Peck, “Denise brought to our attention the work that SWNIC is doing and their needs. We thought that this would be the most valuable and practical contribution we could make to this highly essential South Worcester nonprofit. This seemed to be a great solution, for both organizations, and it expresses our deep commitment to the Worcester Community.”

Founded in 1969 as part of the war on poverty, South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (SWNIC) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3), dedicated to improving the quality of life of Worcester residents. This community-based organization serves 350 families per week from four locations in the Worcester area.

“We couldn’t begin to pay for this caliber of service to our organization,” said SWNIC Executive Director, Ron Charette. “Denise brings all of her formidable skills and legal expertise to the forefront, and we are entirely grateful to Touchstone for donating her time to us.”

“I am so grateful that Touchstone decided to do this,” said Denise Minor, “I love both companies and the Worcester area, so this is a perfect blend for me. But I’m not the only one who spends significant time and money for local community needs. Our President, David Peck is involved with other community organizations and our Marketing Director, Lan Goodwin is a mediator at the non-profit Center for Non Violent Solutions in Worcester.


About South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corporation (SWNIC):
Founded in 1969, SWNIC is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) working with families that are in the South Worcester Community. SWNIC identifies needs and goals of families and clients, then partners with them to provide practical solutions; including – Employment and job placement assistance, housing rehabilitation, counseling, health care, food pantry services and more.
Contact Information: SWNIC 47 Camp Street, Worcester MA 01603 (508) 757-8344
Ron Charette, Executive Director email: rchare2625@aol.com.

About Touchstone Consulting Group:
Touchstone Consulting Group is an employee and executive benefits consulting company headquartered in Worcester, MA. Touchstone provides effective and innovative benefit strategies to a broad range of National and International clients. At Touchstone we believe in a close personal approach, providing a unique client partnering service with tailored solutions to navigate change and facilitate growth.